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My focus is women and children


Women and Children Need Representation

As a mother of four, my passion is fighting for the rights and interests of women and children.  My focus is women and children dealing with:

* Wrongful death

* Serious injuries

* Constitutional violations

* Police brutality


Serious Injuries

The safety of our children is critical.  

Similarly, children need their parents to be able to care for them.

When something happens that leaves a parent or a child severely injured, take action!

Injuries occur through bad acts just as often as they occur by someone failing to act.

Reach out to an attorney to hold someone accountable for causing an injury.  

Contact Attorney Alvarez to learn what actions you can take to get justice for your child.


Wrongful Death

Some people say that losing a child is like losing a part of yourself.

For young children, losing a parent will forever alter the course of their life.

When a child or parent dies unexpectedly, and it was preventable,

hire an attorney familiar with  Indiana's general and child wrongful death laws.


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